Remittance Management System (Infogrid-Bank3D® Funds Transfer)

Remittance Management System
(Infogrid-Bank3D® Funds Transfer)

 Funds Transfer is a robust multi-channel Person-to-Person (P-to-P) payments and funds transfer solution that provides for the seamless processing & administration of funds transfer transactions originating from channels such as Web, Bank branches, Mobile phones and ATM terminals, terminating as Cash or Direct Account deposits.

This is targeted to the corporates and individuals. A retail solution that render domestic and continental person-to-person funds transfer services through bank branches of member affiliate banks and the internet.

Key Features

  • Domestic & International Money Transfer.
  • Cash/Account-to-Cash/Account transfers.
  • Multi-country, language & currency support.
  • Automated exchange control across the different
    Central Bank Monetary Zones in Africa (WAMZ, UEMOA, CEMAC, SADC, etc).
  • Robust settlement reporting to aid complex treasury functions.
  • Online Payment gateway with support for
    multiple local and international cards (Mastercard, Visa, Verve, etc).
  • Support for merchant website integration.
  • Full merchant transaction reporting on corporate cash management platform.
  • Merchant bill payment aggregation with support for
    customer online payments using cards or internet banking.

Key Benefits

  • Online Payments Platform;
    • Faster and cheaper than using online banking,
    • Exchange rates are fed at regular intervals,
    • Book all of your payments online in real time,
    • Simply cheaper and better.
    • Great Exchange Rates: We work on live exchange rates and monitor many
    • Reducing your currency Exposure As long as you are making international payments you are exposed to foreign exchange fluctuations.


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    Remittance Management System (Infogrid-Bank3D® Funds Transfer)