Electronic Invoicing Marketplace (Cashflow®)

Electronic Invoicing Marketplace (Cashflow®)

CASHFLOW® is an Electronic invoicing presentation and payment platform targeted primarily at SMEs. It aims at aiding you manage your payments and receivables, send out invoices. Cashflow enables SMEs to gain faster and more efficient processes, while reducing manual work errors.It takes you from manual and paper based processes to a simple, automated, secure and modern way of doing business.

Key features of CashFlow®

Real-Time Visibility Dashboard
The dashboard presents to SMEs, at a glance, high level MIS on their transactions which they will find relevant.

Cashflow is a service that can be viewed anytime, anywhere, and on mobile devices.

Customer Information Management
 Cashflow empowers SMEs to manage and store their customer information for easy retrievals and future references.


Key Benefits

  • Eliminate paper work involved in processing an invoice.
  • Reduces manual work and errors.
  • Saves you cost of processing an invoice.
  • Supports Nigeria’s cashless society.
  • Easy and safe way of paying for goods and services from the comfort of your homes.
  • Stores all invoices generated on it and can be a source of a company’s accounting records.

  • Provides companies the option of processing Value Added Tax (VAT).
  • Gain greater visibility and control over your cash flow and expenditures.
  • Gain greater visibility and control over your cash flow and expenditures
  • Gain it increases business efficiency for it provides full invoice process automation and integrate customers and suppliers to one seamless end-to-end electronic process.


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Electronic Invoicing Marketplace (Cashflow®)