Electronic Banking Core (Infogrid-Bank3D® Core)

Electronic Banking Core
(Infogrid-Bank3D® Core)

InfoGrid®-Bank3D is a robust, secure, service-oriented, multi-tenancy electronic banking framework on which various corporate & retail banking solutions are plugged. 

InfoGrid®-Bank3D delivers 3-Dimensional focus on the bank, the bank’s corporate & retail customers. It provides requisite security, abstraction and customization. Through purposeful investments in technology, business domain research & development we have evolved the platform to solve challenges faced by African banks in providing cash management solutions to their corporate customers. The growing sophistication of the corporate and retail banking customers across Africa in a dynamic technological age has placed a great burden of responsibility on the banking and financial services industry to provide veritable value-adding services to customers. Our cutting edge platform, deliver cash management solutions on InfoGrid®-Bank3D core, that are fully integrated and inter-operate on an in-country & regional scale.

Key Features

Multi Affiliate Framework
Support for multiple institutions/affiliates on a single distributed architecture across the continent, facilitating inter business transacting

Multi-channel Framework
Support for multiple delivery channels, default channels being in-branch and web channels. Other supported channels include mobile, ATM, POS & Kiosk



InfoGrid-Bank3D® Payments
A robust workflow driven corporate payments (Salary, Vendor, B2B, and invoice) & Fund Transfer administration solution built to allow for effective streamlined payments to any category of recipient on the fly.

InfoGrid-Bank3D® Collections
A comprehensive revenue collections and receivables management solution that enables corporates consolidate their customer orders & inflows, with support for traditional in-branch channel, as well as web, POS and direct debit channels.


Key Benefits

  • Robust technology platform that factors in the peculiarities of the African banking space, and solves challenges faced by African banks in providing cash management solutions to their corporate customers. Already extensively used across 30 African countries
  • Consolidate different cash management services into a single platform to deliver unparalleled value and ease-of-use to customers.
  • Consolidate your multi-affiliates into a centralized global platform, helping corporates manage their acitivites across their subsidiaries.
  • Provides powerful, meaningful and relevant financial management information services to customers pooled from interplay of cash management services.






Electronic Banking Core (Infogrid-Bank3D® Core)