Corporate Collections System (Infogrid-Bank3D® Collections)

Corporate Collections System
(Infogrid-Bank3D® Collections)

A comprehensive revenue collections and receivables management solution that enables corporates consolidate their customer orders, receivables & inflows leveraging bank channels & infrastructure. 

The InfoGrid-Bank3D® Collections integrates the order, billing and invoicing processes to generate relevant cash flow MIS. Payments are posted directly on the system, real-time, with support for traditional in-branch channel, as well as web, POS and direct debit channels making it easy for your corporates’ customers to pay them. It provides answers to questions like:

Who made the payments?
What was the payment for?
When was the payment made?
Where was the payment made?
How much was paid?


Key Features of InfoGrid-Bank3D® Collection

Simple Customization Setup
Less than 24 hours collection scheme customizations for your corporate customers by your non-technical staff. Simply entails using simple form builder to capture required customer order data.


Integration API
Robust 3rd party system integration API for online data validation & transaction notification.

Advanced Customization
Support for programmatic development/advanced customization for bespoke corporate-specific collections schemes/products.


Key Benefits

  • Quick and agile product setup to meet up with dynamic market demands.
  • Rich interfaces for report viewing for both designated bank and corporate personnel.
  • Robust reporting tools for defining customer required report fields.
  • Robust technology platform that factors in the peculiarities of the African banking space, and solves challenges faced by African banks in providing cash management solutions to their corporate customers. Already extensively used across 30 African countries.
  • Consolidate different cash management services into a single platform to deliver unparalleled value and ease-of-use to customers.

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