As African consumers move online, banks will have to follow. Customers want
a bank that’s nimble and proactive, one that can be a part of their daily lives.

The idea of “convenience” in banking is undergoing a shift away from branch locations and toward digital products and services that mesh with consumers’ “smart” mobile-empowered lives. Digital technologies are creating new ways of interacting with the customer, and these shifts will only accelerate in the coming years.

To respond to today’s challenges, banks need to create more relevant experiences that are seamlessly integrated across in-branch, assisted, and digital channels. At Parkway we fully recognize the challenges and positioning of African banks. Our digital offerings are designed to fully leverage and extend existing banking infrastructure, channels and legacy systems. We have devised digital solutions for the different consumer segments (corporate, SME, retail, youth & BOP) providing increased consumer engagement, empathy and modern digital banking experiences.