Diamond Bank

Diamond bank deploys InfoGrid®-Bank3D our robust, secure, service-oriented, multi-tenancy electronic banking framework to power its corporates revenue collections and payment services.

Diamond Bank

Diamond Bank is one of the leading banks in Nigeria. Respected for its excellent service delivery, driven by innovation and operating on the most advanced banking technology platform in the market.

Capital Base

Diamond Bank Plc began as a private limited liability company on March 21, 1991 (the company was incorporated on December 20, 1990). Ten years later, in February 2001, it became a universal bank. As of December 2012, the bank’s total assets were valued in excess of US$7.3bn (NGN:1.7 trillion), its Revenue at Pretax: NGN28 billion ($156 million) and Total assets – NGN1.7 trillion ($7.3 billion).


Nigeria, Benin, Senegal, Cote d’Ivoire, Togo and The United Kingdom




Customers being serviced on InfoGrid-Bank3D®

Nigerian Customs Service (NCS), TOTAL, Dangote, FUNNAB, GIDI FESTIVAL, NTI, Benue State University (BSU).

Case Study – Dangote Collection on InfoGrid-Bank3D®

InfoGrid-Bank3D® is a robust, secure, service-oriented, multi-tenancy electronic banking framework on which various corporate & retail banking solutions are plugged.  InfoGrid®-Bank3D delivers 3-Dimensional focus on the bank, the bank’s corporate & retail customers. It provides requisite security, abstraction and customization.

Dangote Cement implemented a payment portal to allow banks accept payments from customers on behalf of Dangote Cement, as well as post information to the portal in real time. Diamond bank leveraged Parkway’s InfoGrid-Bank3D Collections, as an advanced customization, to provide Dangote Cement dealers with a secure system to make payments at any Diamond bank branch, generate a barcoded Authority-to-carry document, while passing details to the Dangote ISOP system in real-time via web services, using several payment instruments including; cash, cheque, bank guarantee, etc.