Parkway is a leading financial technology provider creating modern banking experiences, proudly developed by Africans and delivered through Africa’s leading banks to businesses and individuals across the continent.

Parkway provides simple, intuitive, end-to-end corporate, retail and transaction banking solutions. Our core platform and service offering for government agencies, large corporates and small / medium enterprises (SME) enables our partner banks expand market share and build stronger relationships with businesses across the continent. Our youth banking and bottom of the pyramid (BOP) banking offerings take consumer engagement to a whole new level creating compelling opportunities for customer acquisition, retention and dominance in the African retail banking space.

Incorporated in Lagos – Nigeria, April 2004, we currently serve over 3,000 banks, government agencies, large corporates & SMEs across 30 African countries in multiple sectors of the economy (education, health, oil & gas, manufacturing, hospitality, aviation, etc).

Parkway is the first IT Company in Nigeria to attain the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification placing the company amongst an elite list of professionally run organizations world-wide. We are licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria as payment service provider and mobile money operator.


Parkway’s vision is “to become the African continent’s leading provider of technology services that enable electronic business and payment between organizations and between individuals.”


Our mission is “to use the best skills, tools, and platforms in driving the most secure, robust, and user-friendly technology solutions while building the strongest, widest spread and most fulfilling customer relationships across the continent”

Values – Quality, Innovation, Synergy, Audacity, Efficiency

Our astute corporate governance and fair corporate policies have enabled us to steadily deliver our services in the most professional manner and
continuously accomplish, to the delight of our expansive and steadily growing customer base, the essence of our values as described hereunder.


For us, every new product, solution, project or process is a quality initiative to surpass previous standards and present requirements. Little wonder we became the first indigenous IT Software development company in Nigeria to achieve ISO 9001:2008 Certification.
We continuously strive to ensure that our processes, products and solutions are enhanced to meet and exceed the evolving demands of the financial sector and its stakeholders. This has resulted in the development & delivery of robust fin-tech solutions that power some of the most mission critical domestic and regional services rendered by African financial institutions today, processing tens of thousands of transactions running into millions of US Dollars daily.


We are about creation. We will continue to create solutions, create value and create wealth.
We creatively match domestic business & market domain realities with a perspective on the global market place, taking into cognizance the expressed & implied requirements of our esteemed partners. The objective has been to evolve with the market and give it only that which it can take, something just one step above the norm in the fin-tech space. We are clear that in doing this continuously and conscientiously over the years, we would stimulate the growth of the African electronic banking & payment sector.
The outcome has been the steady adoption of our solutions by over 3,000 banks, government agencies, large corporates & SMEs across 30 African countries; and by extension hundreds of thousands of Africans.


Our whole is far greater than the sum of our parts.

We believe in the power of distributed expertise / specialization and unequivocal teamwork. We have built Nigeria’s most robust indigenous financial software development team comprising;Business & Technical Analysts with over 20 years combined business domain expertise and experience in market research, customer requirements gathering & analysis, solution designing & documentation in the electronic banking/payment domain.
Project Managers with over 20 years combined experience in software project management using highly recursive & redundant methodologies culled from PMP, CMMI & Agile procedures and documented in our quality management systems, to ensure professional and timely delivery of solutions that match and exceed client expectations.
Software Developers & Testers with over 30 years combined experience in enterprise systems development, well schooled in the nuances of financial technologies for complex & heterogeneous enterprises. Our developers understand and are fully compliant with the cardinal principles of the agile methodology as contained in our quality management systems.
Systems Integration & Support Engineers with over 20 years combined experience in electronic payment solutions deployment, channels optimization and systems integration with host systems, EFT systems and 3rd party enterprise systems.
As a whole we therefore have a fusion of experts that enable us assume a clearly dominant position in the Nigerian fin-tech space, working our way into continental dominance.


If you say it’s improbable, we say it’s still possible.
We set sail with a statement towards “shaping the face of electronic banking & payment in Africa”.
When the industry thought it improbable for online payment to be adopted in Nigeria, we built and maintained the first true ecommerce site and followed through with the first online share offer subscription & payment portal. Both became instant successes.
While the Nigerian banking industry was crystallizing the approach to corporate collections & cash management in a predominantly cash-driven economy we developed a full featured framework complete with traditional and contemporary banking controls & practices and layered on modules for bank-driven customized collections services, payments & liquidity management across in-branch, assisted and digital bank channels.
We followed through by extending this platform and scored another first, this time not only in Nigeria but across Africa…the first indigenously built integrated global cash management system for rendering electronic banking services to corporates within and across countries in full compliance with the various central bank regional exchange control provisions across Africa (WAMZ, CEMAC, UEMOA, EAC, SADC).