Web Payment Gateway (Infogrid-Bank3D® netPay)

Web Payment Gateway
(Infogrid-Bank3D® netPay)

InfoGrid-Bank3D® netPay is a robust, convenient, & secure web payment gateway that provides support for direct and real-time integration to card/payment processors as well as e-Commerce sites in order to enable the transaction acquirer acquire transactions made online to its corporate customers.

In exploring an Integrated, Business-Oriented Approach to Cash Management, Parkway has identified alternate channels as the game changer in integrated cash management services. As customers move away from traditional branch interaction, Parkway has evolved a robust Web Payment Gateway solution (netPay®). This will help position banks as key players in the financial services space across Africa, as well as drag-in of more customers for the bank.

Key Features of InfoGrid-Bank3D® netPay

Core Administration
netPAY® exposes an administrative interface (on InfoGrid®) to enable designated bank personnel setup and monitor the system as well as define and administer system users.

3D Secure
This additional fraud prevention feature is available on netPay® in order to ensure best practice security features on the payment gateway. The netPay gateway subscribes to both the Verified by Visa and SecureCode services by Visa and Master Card respectively, thus cards registered for these services can be processed on the gateway.

Secure Integration to eCommerce Sites
Provides support for secure and seamless interaction with e-commerce websites using simple HTML scripts. Also provides web services for real-time payment confirmation (where supported by the corresponding gateway).


Key Benefits

  • Huge revenue generating potentials from rendering payment gateway services cost-effectively domestically and across Africa.
  • High ROI from viral new business drag-in and attendant ease of cross-selling corporate organizations and up-selling corporate organizations’ retail customers.
  • A tool that empowers banks to speedily, cost-effectively & efficiently deploy cashless transacting solutions & alternatives for their corporate customers.
  • Position your corporate customers for compliance with corporate banking regulations while improving volume & efficiency of collections.
  • Robust technology platform that factors in the peculiarities of the African banking space, and solves challenges faced by African banks in providing cash management solutions to their customers. Already extensively used across 30 African countries.
  • Provides powerful, meaningful and relevant financial management information services to customers pooled from interplay of cash management services.


Ecobank Case Study

Web Payment Gateway (Infogrid-Bank3D® netPay)


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