Corporate Cash Management System (Infogrid-Bank3D® Global Cash Management)

Corporate Cash Management System (Infogrid-Bank3D® Global Cash Management)

InfoGrid-Bank3D® global cash management suite is an integrated, multi-affiliate, multi-corporate, multi-currency, electronic banking services platform with a suite of electronic banking & payment solutions.

One of the best investments a bank can make is growing its corporate cash management suite, given the high return on this. A good cash management suite enlarges the profitable product offerings to profitable customers. This serves to increase retained deposits, reduce interest on deposits, provide additional revenue streams and improve overall experience of the customer with the bank. Offering a robust accounts management, along with an interactive online/mobile interface with analytics that allows for businesses to understand their cash inflows and outflows
is a good starting place.

InfoGrid-Bank3D® empowers African banks and financial services institutions, domestic & continental alike, with the tools to cost-effectively and continuously deliver, through a single unified platform, tailor-made services to meet the peculiar remote banking & cash management needs of corporate organizations and individuals across the continent. Our integrated global cash management suite includes the following offerings.


Account Monitoring
A convenient, secure online banking solution, that gives customers a quick & comprehensive access to their accounts. It allows for setup, monitoring, administration of, & transacting from, your accounts. It is also fully mobile enabled, thus customers can transact on-the-go.

Digital Disbursement (Payments)
A robust workflow driven corporate digital disbursement (Salary, Vendor, B2B, and invoice) & Fund Transfer administration solution built to allow for effective streamlined payments to any category of recipient on the fly.


Key Features

Multi Affiliate Framework
Support for multiple institutions/affiliates on a single distributed architecture across the continent, facilitating inter business transacting.

Integrated Suite
Ability to monitor your accounts, receivables, cash flow forecast, effect your payables, sweeps and investment instructions off a single platform.

User Interface/Experience
The Global Cash Management suite and offerings present modern user-friendly interfaces that are intuitive, engaging and hands-on requiring minimal or no training.


Key Benefits

  • Improve your business cash flow and reduce your expenses.
  • Accelerated cash flows and improved cash forecasting through quicker availability of electronically cleared items.
  • Provide channels closer to customers to reduce collection lags.
  • Robust technology platform that factors in the peculiarities of the African banking space, and solves challenges faced by African banks in providing cash management solutions to their corporate customers. Already extensively used across 30 African countries.
  • Consolidate different cash management services into a single platform to deliver unparalleled value and ease-of-use to customers..

Relevant Business Segment

Corporate Cash Management System (Infogrid-Bank3D® Global Cash Management)


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