Modern solutions with local basis and global perspectives

The global financial technology space
is rapidly evolving.

Modern business and consumer needs are pushing the limits and questioning the norms,
creating spaces for disruption in the financial services sector.

Evolved modern solutions

The odds appear stacked against African financial institutions who are now forced to respond to growing demands for simplified, integrated, borderless financial solutions on a continent with peculiarities that challenge the imagination and innovative spirits of the very best. African financial institutions now more than ever need financial technology partners with the right attitude, capabilities and understanding of the peculiarities of Africa in a rapidly changing business world.

And that’s exactly what we at Parkway represent. We have evolved modern solutions with local basis and global perspectives, that level out the African peculiarities, enabling financial institutions leapfrog into the future.


Some of the best financial institutions in Africa are using our solutions to help them succeed. Over 3,000 banks, government agencies, large corporates & SMEs across 30 African countries use our solutions. Find out how you too can win by partnering us.



We partner in different ways to address your needs.



We have evolved fin-tech solutions built for African businesses & consumers, by Africans and around African peculiarities. Our comprehensive solutions suite cater for every business & retail banking segment.



See what is trending in the global fin-tech space.


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